Xp updating user policies please wait 5 things you need to know about dating a journalist

17 Feb

Software installation and folder redirection settings in a GPO are processed only when a computer starts (computer-based policies) or when the user logs in (user-based policies), rather than at a particular time.

To force your Windows computer to check for group policy changes, you can use the command to trigger the updating process.

When you make a change to a group policy, you may need to wait two hours (90 minutes plus a 30 minute offset) before you see any changes on the client computers.

Even then, some changes will not take effect until after a reboot of the computer.

Now dbl click on this service and in the middle you will see Startup Type click on the drop down and change it to Disabled now click the Stop followed by the OK Restart your computer and login as normal.

You cannot schedule a specific time to apply a Group Policy Object (GPO) to a client computer.

If you have ever done any work with group policy you may notice that it sometimes takes two or three reboots of a client computer before some policies take effect.

This is pretty commonly seen with software installation and folder redirection policies more than any other.

If you have not yet done this and have the little red house in the bottom right of your screen beware!!

If you have lost access to your computer and it freezes at the log in screen your will need to push and hold the power switch until the computer turns off.