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01 Jun

An unmarried couple applies for an apartment and they tell you during the application process that they are expecting a baby in 5 months. ANSWER 3: Unborn children of pregnant women are household members. Do not impute interest unless combined value of all assets is ,000 or more. You property has only tax credit (no other programs) and you have an LIHTC-eligible single adult applicant who can afford it and would like to rent a 3 bedroom apartment. ANSWER 1: There are no LIHTC restrictions on how many people can occupy a unit.

Teachers and other school employees can work for summer camps, as restaurant or resort workers, for catering companies, etc. Therefore the asset was sold for Fair Market Value. When you call to follow up with Harry regarding the fields left blank you should: ANSWER 3: Never write on a verification form after it was signed by the 3rd party.

A reboot (warm boot) is required to restore USB ports functionality.

There are tons of errors in the event log when that happens, like event id 157, 140, 51.

The gopher tortoise, on the other hand, hurried away. I did have the good fortune to spend Friday evening and Saturday at Peggy’s cabin (wintry scene above is the view from the dining table), knitting with Peggy, Karen, and Annie, and making my muscles sore with a lovely cross country ski outing to Lake Carlos State Park. Today was all housekeeping, getting the holidays finally put away (maybe some day we will send out holiday cards, it almost happened today) and thinking about what to pack for our 3.5 day weekend to Sanibel Island. I am hoping that will result in much more blog-worthy material.

Luckily, hurry for a gopher tortoise allows plenty of time for photography. Have a good week, Love, Ellen Dear Jan, I’m making steady progress on Norwegian Hugs.