Widowers with children dating too soon

24 Mar

He has told me that he’s really struggling with this because he made a promise to them that if they didn’t think it was right, then he wouldn’t do it.

But, he also tells me that he loves me and my kids very much and that his kids love us, too, but don’t want to be with us on a permanent basis.

Seth became a widowed father when lost his sweetheart to cancer and his oldest child, a girl, was twelve.

With five children devastated at the loss of their mom, and with Seth's demanding job, parenting that family, while himself grieving for the loss of his wife, seemed particularly overwhelming.

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And you may also be plagued by feelings of guilt and uncertainty.

While she says that finding solace with another man has helped her to deal with her devastation, some may feel uncomfortable about a widow embarking on a new love affair only a month after her husband's death.

Jon's mother, Val, has been so hurt by her daughter-in-law's behaviour that she has cut off all contact. Yet she is not alone in seeking romance soon after losing her husband.

Just because one of the grieving family members is ready to move on does not mean that all of them are ready to do so.

Allow time to heal the wounds and take the time you need. Especially for children, the process of grieving and learning to cope without a mother can be tough and complicated.