Who is validating instruments with the ozone process

27 May

The retrieval of the tropospheric ozone column from satellite data is very important for the characterization of tropospheric chemical and physical properties.However, the task of retrieving tropospheric ozone from space has to face with one fundamental difficulty: the contribution of the tropospheric ozone to the measured radiances is overwhelmed by a much stronger stratospheric signal, which has to be reliably filtered.There is an urgent need to assess the global consequences of industrialisation for which reliable global data are essential.The IGOS (an international working group linked to the Committee on Earth Observing Satellites, CEOS) proposes to integrate the major satellite and ground-based systems to provide highly accurate global environmental observations of key variables of the atmosphere, cryosphere, oceans and land in a cost effective fashion (

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Among the tropospheric gases that can be monitored from space, ozone is one of the most problematic ones.

Brockmann Consult Gmb H (BC) is a private company, founded in 2002, and offering environmental data products and services.

The company is actively involved in the service provision and software development for Earth Observation data management and processing.

In this article, the results of a validation of this algorithm with measurements performed at six European ozonesonde sites are shown and critically discussed.

The results indicate that systematic errors, related to the tropopause pressure, are present in the current version of the algorithm, and that including the tropopause pressure in the NN input vector can compensate for these errors, enhancing the retrieval accuracy significantly.].