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01 Dec

The spot will show the family in a supermarket with Ben Miller's character Roger playing an 'embarrassing dad' figure, quizzing the checkout colleague on the mechanics of the Brand Guarantee.It will be followed by a spot showing Ruth Jones' character Jo, who "gets on her high horse about certain things", tutting the word "typical" when she sees a queue at the till before being pleasantly surprised when a Tesco colleague opens a check out to serve her.The popular BBC comedy, created by Ruth and co-star James Corden, ended after two-and-a-half years in 2010 but the actress is determined to bring it back.Ruth Jones is among the stars included in Queen Elizabeth's New Year Honours.His last line was, “I think this could be one of the best things we ever make.” I thought, “Really? ” We wrote the first episode in a hotel over several rounds of club sandwiches.

This year's Manchester Day takes place on Sunday 18 June 2017.Ruth Jones on family David and I will have been married ten years in May. He was a comedy producer at BBC 1 and we became friends but didn’t get together until a few years later. Children just haven’t happened, but I feel like David’s kids are mine too. Ruth Jones on Gavin and Stacey I love my job, absolutely love it. All the hard work has paid off after winning a Bafta for Best Newcomer.Now we’ve got a production company together called Tidy Productions. They are absolutely gorgeous – just fantastic kids and I feel blessed to have them in my life. I met James Corden, my co-star and co-writer on Gavin and Stacey, working on Fat Friends together.Ruth Jones says 'Stella' is to end after series four.The actress has revealed the hit Sky 1 comedy about a single mum living in the Welsh Valleys is due to come to an end after the next series because "it's time" will have come. 'Gavin & Stacey' actress Ruth Jones has hinted the TV show could be turned into a film.