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26 Aug

He has undergone back and neck surgeries in recent years.“I look at how the youth has grown up and men’s figure skating as well, it is now impossible to compete with young [athletes] it seems to me,” Plushenko said, according to TASS.But four days later, when it came time for him to perform in the men's singles, he skated up to the judges booth after a warm-up and told them he couldn't go on.With that, Team Russia's chances of a gold dropped to zero in the event where it has long been dominant.For two years running, national surveys have found him to be Russia's favorite athlete, well ahead of his peers in more mainstream sports like tennis and boxing.Off the ice, his reputation as a prima donna has also given endless fodder for the tabloids, which never seem to tire of featuring his blond mullet and shimmery suits on their covers.▼Uchida Haruko’s original tweet plus Plushenko’s response She then wrote, “It’s a miracle!My idol Plushenko has found this lowly tweet out of thousands of his followers, and probably made the effort to translate the Japanese and read it. Now I can die happy.” Around the same time, another Twitter user tweeted the message, “Plushenko should become Yuzuru’s coach,” to which Uchida Haruko answered, “It seems like he’s actually seriously considering that, if you look at this picture.” The picture that Uchida Haruko links to is actually a compilation of screenshots from an interview with Plushenko on Japanese TV (you can view the picture here if you just scroll down a bit).

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He is one of only two skaters in any discipline to earn four Olympic medals, the other being Swede Gillis Grafstrom of the 1920s and ’30s.

But his trainer, Alexei Mishin, froze as Plushenko came out of his two final jumps. "You could tell he was hurting."Hardly a year has passed since Plushenko, the home-crowd favorite of the Games in Sochi, had major surgery on his spine—the 13th operation of his career—which left him with debilitating pain through much of his Olympic training.

Although he won a gold medal at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, he is, at 31, now in the twilight of his career, and his wife has warned that another bad fall could paralyze him. On Sunday, after his performance in the team figure skating event, Russia finally won its first gold medal.

After his aborted performance on Thursday—and the subsequent announcement of his retirement—it became all too clear that Evgeni Plushenko should have passed the torch to a younger skater before the Sochi Olympics commenced.

For nearly a decade, the flamboyant figure skater has dominated the sport in Russia.