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14 May

In Spanish, Portuguese, and French, the words used to describe the mixing of races are mestizaje, mestiçagem and métissage.

These words, much older than the term miscegenation, are derived from the Late Latin mixticius for "mixed", which is also the root of the Spanish word mestizo.

These non-English terms for "race-mixing" are not considered as offensive as "miscegenation", although they have historically been tied to the caste system (Casta) that was established during the colonial era in Spanish-speaking Latin America.The mutation rate must be known for both calculation methods and modeling methods.It can be determined either during the analysis of lineages or by providing calibration points based on populations with known formation time.In view of the relatively long transfer times and the complexity of the remobilization processes of solutes, the expected effects of any modifications in the use of fertilizers, or of changes in pesticide-use legislation, would take a long time to become apparent.Nonrecombinant portions of the genome, Y chromosome and mitochondrial DNA, are widely used for research on human population gene pools and reconstruction of their history.