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17 Apr

Marriage and death: Elijah Wood (L- at The Last Witch Hunter in premiere in NY on Tuesday) got a ring on it, but Orlando Bloom (R) was up for the axe - seen here at the Jamais Entre Amis premiere in Deauville in Sept Andrews was shown at age 14, getting cozy with a ventriloquist’s dummy for the BBC.

She was also pictured ‘revealing some leg’ on a motorcycle on the set of Star and singing with Miss Piggy and The Muppets in 1977.

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Mortensen collaborated with Cronenberg for a third time in the film in 2011.K.’s shocking Euro Cup loss to Iceland playing in real time on the muted television. I freaked out and I was, like, screaming and crying for my dad. It was probably not very high but it seemed very big to me then.” The fear may even date back further than that. “It may be hereditary.” Mortensen, 57, is sharing this story—a quintessential moment of childhood vulnerability—in perhaps the least appropriate place to do so.We are in a suite on the 14th floor of the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, ground zero for Hollywood press junkets.He has established himself as a painter and photographer.He is popular for portraying his role in the movies 28 Days and A Walk on the Moon. He was from the middle-class family born as Viggo Peter Mortensen Jr.