Vba access screen updating

24 Oct

Screen Updating = True THe error is Compile error, Method or data member not found Anyone has a clue what the problem is? This page lists some suggestions and strategies for optimizing your Visual Basic For Applications (VBA) code, so that it will run faster.Conditions are as follows: Please let me know if you require more info! ADDED INFO: I am using Conditional formatting to format seperate cells according to the conditions I said. Hi all, I have a macro that executes ~200 queries which modify the data, create some tables etc.

vba access screen updating-77

With the Repaint method, you can force immediate repainting of the controls on the specified form.

Thanx Kind Regards Dump the macro, convert it to VBA.

You have a design problem if your function is opening a module and also opening a table.

You can use the Repaint method: This method doesn't cause a requery of the database, nor does it show new or changed records in the form's underlying record source.

You can use the Requery method to requery the source of data for the form or one of its controls.