Validating others with words 2 waysex cam chat

10 Nov

The validation result was certainly positive ("this page is valid..."), but if it wasn't, you would probably do the author of the page where the icon was a favor if you could warn him/her of this abnormal situation.If you are curious about Markup validation you may read this help document further, or you may simply use the back button of your Web browser to come back to the page where you found the "valid" icon.

People with a growth mindset tend to think of their intelligence as flexible and able to be expanded with knowledge, effort, and practice.(Validation, in this case, being the recognition and affirmation that what you’re doing is worthwhile and important.)Turns out there are a few crafty psychological tactics ingrained in your thinking since childhood that can affect your ability to validate yourself—and ultimately the strength of your self-motivation.These tactics exist to stall, stupefy, and sabotage your momentum and confidence.Validity is one of the quality criteria for a Web page, but there are many others.In other words, a Web page has little chance of being a good web page.