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25 Jun

In the past veterans had to carry their DD214 around to prove veteran status or seek a U. Government Veterans ID card which actually for some reason doesn’t exist.

He was speechless.” Requesting military records can be time-consuming but is worth the wait, according to Dotson, who said she started researching how to get her grandfather’s records in August 2013. National Archives has detailed instructions on how to get copies of military records, as well as awards and decorations. Some of the older records – for service members who separated from military service in 1953 or before – are open to the general public. For example, the current year, 2015, minus 62 years.

The Review Boards are empowered only to “upgrade” the type of discharge and change the reason for discharge.

They cannot change a re-enlistment code or otherwise modify the contents of a vet’s military records.

A list of states that are now offering veterans designation logos on driver’s licenses and ID cards, including the status on states that have yet to enact this program.

These state programs now make it easier for veterans to receive access to government benefits and discounts at restaurants and retailers, to which they are entitled.