Updating php 4 to 5

07 Feb

In PHP 7, there are some backwards incompatible changes, so applications built with PHP 5.x that use functions and language constructs that have been removed or have the internal implementation changed drastically will spit out errors while trying to run on PHP 7.

One of the most frustating part of our jobs as software developers is having to work on large old codebases.

We will also stop supporting this branch at the end of 2015 as no official security patches will be available after this date.

We highly recommend to switch your existing Apps to PHP 5.6 NOW.

updating php 4 to 5-81updating php 4 to 5-39

It was easy and not a big move, as we didn't had to support clients with legacy applications.

Each release branch of PHP (5.4, 5.5, ...) is supported by the PHP core team for 3 years - two years fully, plus an additional year for critical security issues only.

Most hosting companies don't care about these releases, they support old versions for forever and slowly adopt the latest.

I was wondering if 5.5 is backwards compatible with 5.3 as it is 'just' a minor update (eg not 5.3 to 6.4).

Am I running into problems if I just update the php installation via https://serverfault.com/a/420288/124883 ?