Updating motorola phone tools

07 Jun

That softwarewould be a rip-off even if it were free.

Let's just say that I feelriped off :-)Here are the helpful tips for getting the Moto Razr V3 to connect to a Windows XP SP2 PC.

Archived from groups: alt.cellular.motorola (More info? )I used to have significant difficulty getting Motorola Razr V3 mobilephone to work with mobile Phone Tools (version 3 software).

A friendlyand candid Motorola tech has helped me to get going.

This program allows you to manage your phone via your PC and make changes to things like the phonebook, music library, and more! Auto Root Tools is capable in Rooting, Unrooting, Unlocking Bootloader, Updating, and installing Custom ROM on your Android Device.Download the latest Auto Root Tools respectively for your Platform (Windows and Mac OS X) and install the tools.mobile Phone Tools is a program written by the French-based company Avanquest Software (formerly BVRP).The program allows users of Motorola and other brands of cellular phones to connect their cellular phones to their personal computer.