Updating interface of windows 8 dating how to find the one

25 Oct

Over the past few months, we’ve covered a significant amount of tips and hints regarding Microsoft’s upcoming operating system, Windows 8.However, we’ve yet to mention any tips regarding whether or not we would recommend Windows 8 to our site visitors and subscribers.The fact is, many people will be updating their operating systems to Windows 8 later this month and many won’t.Windows 8 has been the primary focus of many tech blogs for the last few months, and many critics have dubbed Windows 8 as a flop; following Microsoft’s pattern of inconsistency, releasing a quality operating system, then a poor operating system: With the tech critics and many others casting judgment on Windows 8’s new metro interface and other non-traditional features, many consumers may be a bit cautious about making the jump to Windows 8.Looks like we'll be playing "Where's Waldo? Microsoft has started streamlining Windows 10 in the latest Build, changing the expected location of many applications and components.

With that noted, the best way to tell whether or not Windows 8 is an operating system that you will like is to simply download the Release Preview, so that you can try out the next gen OS for yourself.I don't use Skype either and they are always updating that thing.Please make WU user friendly and allow us to choose for ourselves! I note that we have lost the attractive multipane photo screensaver over the lockscreen that is part of Windows 8 and 8.1, There is still an option for a screensaver in the personalisation control but it links to the desktop screensaver option (this actually makes a sort of sense) which is less capable.Microsoft is preparing a new user interface for Windows 10, and a leaked screenshot has shown just how different to the current version it could look.The image, posted online by Twitter user Tom Hounsell, shows off a number of small but significant changes to the taskbar and open windows.