Updating a chandelier

22 Mar

Note: Since my chandelier has open, curved ends, I was able to make jump rings and just slide them onto the chandelier.

If your chandelier doesn’t have an area where you can slide them on, you will have to make the jump rings directly onto your chandelier.

This is the same paint that I used all over my kitchen and on my bathroom faucet.

We wanted to take a close look at your options, so we bought every single 40 watt equivalent candelabra LED we could. All in all, it took us about 18 hours of testing in our lighting lab to get a good luck at each bulb. I've got six of them up here, from [UNKNOWN] Phillips and [UNKNOWN]. The best value among dimmable candelabra LEDs that I found was this seven dollar bulb from Ecosmart.

So, it's perfect for all sorts of home decor stuff, especially fixtures. While I had my spray paint out, I spray painted another thrift store find.

I found a little gold mirrored vanity tray at the thrift store for .

We purchased the Rodeo Collection Round Twelve Light Chandelier from Lamps Plus almost 10 years ago.

I have always loved the size and the details of this light fixture, particularly the faux drip candles.