Updating 360 dashboard

13 Oct

Starting today, all US Xbox 360 owners who connect to Xbox Live will be greeted with the biggest update since the introduction of the "Next Xbox Experience" in 2008.

In addition to installing a brand new system interface and some twists and tweaks all around, this update will make your Xbox 360 fully equipped to handle Kinect when the motion camera goes on sale later this week.

Of course, there's the new stalker functionality, which I have to admit, I used once just to see how it worked.

Not listing retail disc-based games seems odd, and a bit silly.

I like the Xbox 360 dashboard today and I want for the next dashboard update is the Xbox 360 Dashboard looking exactly like the Xbox One Dashboard. We've added a bunch of ideas that you can now vote on both in the Feature Area forum and in the Clubs & LFG category of the New Ideas forum!

Even if the Kinect integration does not happen, it’s feasible to think that people will be taking advantage of the Black Friday deals on the Xbox with the intent of using it for all their media needs. Many gamers are excited that there are some features arriving that will allow a user to interact with the menu system using a Kinect device.

Xbox 360 players will be able to use their voices to search the internet with Bing and browse other websites.