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21 Aug

Mahmood will serve half his 15 month prison sentence before being considered for release.Tulisa shows off pink hair in an amazing comeback concert at G-A-Y in London last night.His partner told presenters Phillip Schofield and Amanda Holden it was "heartbreaking" to be told he had cheated on her."As soon as I found out that he'd been questioned over rape, my instinct was kind of protective of Ched, and I thought I have to stand by him," she said.

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Tulisa recently went through her own court troubles after being accused of brokering an £800 deal through Mike GLC to supply Class A drugs to undercover The Sun journalist Mahzer Mahmood.

"So my thoughts and feelings over the cheating were put to one side and I just stepped in to help him through this terrible time." She still believes in his innocence despite the jury's verdict, saying: "I had been with him for two-and-a-half years.

"I know Ched and I knew he wouldn't be capable of committing a crime like that." She has visited him in prison every week. I never dreamed that Ched would be sent to prison," she said.

"But straight away I got a message to him to say that I was standing by him and that everything will be OK...

at first it was difficult, but then you adapt." She is not sure what he will do when he is released, but he hopes to play professional football again. "We don't know about Ched's football - I'm just his partner, I don't get involved in the football side - but I do know that Ched would love to return to football and continue doing what he knows best and what he loves." Meanwhile, a police and crime commissioner has added to the criticism of Judy Finnigan, the TV presenter, who made controversial comments about the case.