Things to say on sexchat

06 Mar

Turn out the lights, or fill the bathtub with bubbles — whatever makes you feel less vulnerable and more relaxed with your man.

Just go along for the ride.” If you’re too shy to share, keep the momentum going by lowering your voice and asking, “And then what would you do to me?Or, simply tell him to get a life and you don't have time for his nonsense anymore. If you don't have her phone # you shouldn't be sending her sex chats on Facebook or anywhere else for that matter.” Or, you know, just be honest and say you’re not feeling it. Why do certain sex positions make noises that sound embarrassingly similar to flatulence?However mortifying this may be, just have a laugh and move on. Don’t do what I once did after a loud air-expulsion and try to pretend that’s the “sound your orgasms make”. Make whatever the hell noise you want if it gets you off, but when in doubt, play it safe.