Tall intimidating muscular women

18 Mar

I often think those type people resent men for their nonchalant masculinity.Also, some of her friends that are gay, I suspect because of past experiences or maybe something stemming from younger years, their eyes radiate absolute apprehension towards me when I'm around, they seem barely able to mask their fright of me, and do so only I think on account of their friendship with my sister.Also, the type women that are looking for a partner who is more the submissive type, I've found do not care for me, as it is easy for them to see by looking at me and feeling my vibe, that I won't take the first ounce of sh*t from them, so these types ignore me. I'm 21 and I am a little bit tall (6 ") and muscular (200lbs).Or guys can also be completely dismissive once they see me in person and say, "You seem much taller in your photos" or "I didn't realize how short you were until you got off that stool." I recently had one guy actually look over my head to see if the person he was meeting was someone else besides me. But of course in a completely contradictory way, I'm usually attracted to men who are much, much taller than I am.So I guess opposites attract, or I just enjoy the awkward interactions/comical antics of doing activities with someone much taller than I? Standing out (physically) my whole life has led me to be much more confident and fearless of being different. There are definitely a lot of great guys who only see six feet as one small part of who I am.Yes, focusing on what's inside is more important — but that's easier said than done.

So how should I approach little women, how to make them comfortable with me?

Personaly I like tall muscular women over 5'9" with large feet over 10 size (for women),and a strong personality too.

I find feminine women dull and unattractive somehow.

I wish I'd marry a woman of this kind,but unfortunately in my country they are rare as hell...

For example, I wouldn’t go to a football game looking for a person who’s into geeky girls and can tell the difference between a Romulan Warbird and a Klingon Bird-of-prey. It’s not intimidation, I’m just not attracted to that. Intimidation asserts that the person has something to be afraid of.