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31 May

I recall that she, like most of the women I met in Sosúa, was from Santo Domingo.With the first woman I met in Sosúa, I tried only to photograph. This was not a reflection of hesitation rooted in principle — I didn’t find her attractive.But she had a service to sell, and she sold and sold hard.Once you have all of your items, you are ready to put together your personal [url= hair.David's is a welcoming bar on the harbour ( two men sitting at a patio table mirror each other like a couple.The gay area is across from what locals call the "Homorock" jutting out of the water.

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El Capitan is the former Seaman's Club on the back side of the pond in Philipsburg.

The idea for the project crystallized after reading Denise Brennan’s book, , an ethnography of sex workers in a small resort town on the DR’s north coast.

The stories Brennan tells of the women who move to Sosúa to pursue sex work paint a picture not of passive victims of circumstance but of women pragmatically carrying out plans to improve their lives and the lives of their children.

Brennan did not find the hapless victims one might expect. Her book helped to dispel the prejudices and misgivings I had.

But as I packed for that first trip, I understood that in order to do the photo project I wanted to do, to enter and depict their world, I would likely need to become their client. To be frank, I looked forward with some excitement to the prospect of having sex with Dominican prostitutes.