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22 Oct

Yesterday’s Yo La Tengo show reminded me of the first time (technically it was the second time, Stephen played an instore earlier that afternoon) I saw Magnetic Fields when they were their opening band. They seem to use short snippets of their songs all over the place.Compared to the lighthearted banter and fantastic sound of the shows like this one that was recorded at in North Carolina, they were very distant and sounded “off” live. I really enjoy how different the songs sound live, but as you can tell from this track which ends very abruptly you really need to hear the songs in the context of the full recording, not piecemeal like I’m providing here.Well I read on Slashdot the other day about a computer that was cooled using vegetable oil. So I started checking around and found only a few websites with pictures of this. Just a note that when you go and ask about buying gallons of mineral oil you will get some strange looks. I am going to use A/C compressor with freon as the coolant.And most just used a fish tank to hold the computer. I decided to build my own case to house the computer. If you don’t know what mineral oil is do a quick search on google. Just a note that it is against the law to handle freon unless you are certified.Another benchmark I’ve been able to determine though: boot time is much faster.

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I have been fortunate enough to have had plenty of time to work with a 2.2 device, using it as my day-to-day smartphone.

No extra wallpapers, no additional screens, no new shortcuts.

As for new widgets, all we've seen are a tutorial box and a rotating ad for featured marketplace apps. Even seeing the settings sub-menu for tethering and portable Wi Fi hotspot functionality didn't completely convince us, but sure enough, we logged on to AT&T's 3G network without any issues.

Don't be fooled by the mere 0.1 boost in the version number over 2.1 Eclair, though -- this is a huge upgrade that represents the most user-friendly, compelling, and feature-complete version of the little green guy to date. The first thing you'll notice with Froyo is a slightly modified navigation bar that assimilates shortcuts for both the phone and web browser.

The Google search bar has undergone a slight modification, too, letting you cater your search specifically to web, apps, or contacts -- and that's about it for home screen modifications.