Sccm update distribution point not updating dating practices usa

11 Sep

Lets first talk about Updating a Distribution Point: Here’s a scenario: You have created a new package for an application in which you have changed some source files.

For example, you have changed settings in a file, added additional files or maybe you have removed files.

So a package with source version 1 will become source version 2.

When using this, keep in mind the changing of the source versions, as this might cause issues if you have different versions of the packages at your distribution points, causing content mismatch.

Do you know what the difference between updating a distribution point and refreshing a distribution point is in SCCM 2007?

It can be quite confusing, and when to use one over the other is not obvious.

The first step is to create an that consists of the collection and the distribution rule: In the sequel should be indicated if you want to use the WOL (Wake Up On Lan) to connect to the machines in the predefined schedule and the level of detail that the user will see each update, as well as automatically approve EULAs (contracts), which obviously must be connected, unless you want the user to know the contract of responsibility to be used: The next step is the most important, because it involves the creation of semantic filters, where we can set the criticality, OS, language, date and even demand in the descriptive text of the update to a particular product, for example, Excel: In the sequel will be set the time zone, if the centralized server or client zone, when it will be installed and available. My WSUS installed is set to answer on 443 port because I have a PKI in my lab with auto-enrollment.If you have not configured WSUS with SSL, don’t select checkbox Require SSL communication to the WSUS server. You will retrieve the same step when you are configuring WSUS.In the SCCM console go to /Administration/Site Configuration/Sites/Configure Site Components/Software Update Point.On the 'Sync Schedule' tab you can see when WSUS is scheduled to sync with Microsoft.