Regina king black women dating outside their race

20 Apr

In 2003, she joined the cast of the drama Third Watch, where she played NYPD Officer Sasha Monroe, continuing until the series finale in 2005.

It got me thinking about how I’m one of the women she’s talking about.

To me, these figures are eye-opening, but then I happen to think black women are rather fabulous (but then again, I am extremely biased! A month or so ago, via Twitter, I come across a TV programme that was broadcast on American News network ABC News. In recent years with the success of black music artists such as Beyonce and Rihanna and actresses such as Halle Berry and Zoe Saldana it’s better than it was say, 10 years ago, but still we’ve got a long way to go. The five black women included in FHM’s Top 100 Sexiest Women list 2010 #24 – Zoe Saldana #43 – Rihanna #64 – Beyonce #75 – Alexandra Burke #98 – Rochelle Wiseman (from The Saturdays) (Honourable shout out goes to Indian beauty Frieda Pinto who was listed at #97) Most of the statistics mentioned in this post so far come from the US, but even so, here in the UK I can totally relate to what the women in the video clip are saying.

A ‘special’ entitled “Why Can’t A Successful Black Woman Find A Man” (the issue I have with the title of the show is immense, mammoth, colossal even). For example, this years FHM top 100 sexiest women list voted for by men all over the UK contains just five black women. The Sunday Times reported that Britain has the highest rate of interracial relationships in the world and it’s been reported elsewhere that by 2020 the mixed race population is expected to become Britain’s largest ethnic minority group with the highest growth rate.

” Wherever the Black Man plants his seed, he is reproduced, but what about the Black Woman? With the number of Black Men that are engaging in homosexuality activity, incarcerated, those that want to be “)?

It seems like Brothers are navigating more and more to White, Asian, Native American, Chinese, Latina and Mexican Women.