Problem updating 98se to xp pro

14 Feb

For information on how to obtain the Windows XP Professional Resource Kit in its entirety, please see

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I read the uninstall instructions and it says that Windows XP-Pro cannot be uninstalled if the hard disk configuration has been changed: if FAT has been converted to NTFS.

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This past summer I had the local computer repair shop upgrade to Windows XP-Pro which I now regret.After installing critical drivers for your system, our top recommendation will automatically scan your PC on a regular basis for new releases.You can even set it to automatically download these.When the Win98 PC tried to connect to the XP PC's shares, an Enter Network Password dialog box opened and showed the message You must supply a password to make this connection: Resource: \computername\IPC$, with a field to enter a password.As a test, I tried logging on to the Win98 PC as different users.