Pinners you follow not updating

06 Apr

If you’re gonna re-pin a pin like that, then go for it!

Just edit the description to entice readers to click over. While this seems like a given, if you don’t check a pin before re-pinning it, you may unknowingly pass on a pin that goes to a dead link.

The second one that doesn’t say “source” and reads as is her actual Pinterest profile, so if you want to follow her specifically, use that link.

It’s not a shocker because you probably re-pin most of the time! On the surface, it seems like you never really have to leave Pinterest to find a little inspiration. Now you’re telling me I have to search around a website to actually find the image in that pretty picture?You can actually choose exactly what or who you follow.Go the person’s profile and select “Follow All” and you will follow all their boards and updates.Pinterest is full of ooooh pretties and ohhhhh cools. Of course, if you’re just pinning an overall website (like if you had a board of blogs you like), then by all means, have at it. So how would you like if someone described the entire point of your post in the pin description?But if you’re pinning a recipe, then by golly PIN THE RECIPE POST, not the website. Doesn’t give someone much incentive to actually click through to the post if all the juicy details are right on Pinterest, ya know?