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04 Feb

(C120) – pm Love In The Air @ Portland Comic ConSpeed Dating Style (C126) – pm One-On-One With Jason David Frank: Power Ranger (Oregon Ballroom 201) – pm How To Break Into Comics (Oregon Ballroom 202) – pm How To Survive A Killer TV Show With Jon Bernthal And Laurie Holden (Oregon Ballroom 203) – pm Grimm Fairy Tales Animated (B119) – pm Titans Of Independent Comics With Mike Allred, Shannon Wheeler, David Chelsea And Jonathan Hill (C120) – pm Morgan Gendel’s Journey To The Inner Light (Oregon Ballroom 201) – pm Wonder Women Of The 21st Century (Oregon Ballroom 202) – pm Michael Rooker Vs The Audience (Oregon Ballroom 203) – pm Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 Preview (B119) – pm Recent Graphic Novels That Could Change Your World-View (C120) – pm Super Power Beat Down (Oregon Ballroom 201) – pm How To Write Comics With Kurt Busiek, Michael Oeming And Danny Fingeroth (Oregon Ballroom 202) – pm The Actors Of Anarchy (Oregon Ballroom 203) – pm Art Of Hollywood With Rob Prior And Dan Schaefer (B110) – pm Sequelcast/Resident Evil (B119) – pm Gays In Comics: Northwest Edition (C120) – pm Love In The Air @ Portland Comic ConSpeed Dating Style (C126) – pm Ghost Hunting With Grant Wilson (Oregon Ballroom 201) – pm The Devil’s Panties (It’s Not Satanic Porn..Honest) (Oregon Ballroom 202) – pm Bruce Campbell Versus The Audience (Oregon Ballroom 203) – pm Daughter Of Time – Official Launch (B110) – pm Apocalypse How?Thursday is just a preview day, no panels or Q&As are scheduled to be held on that day.The preview does offer a chance for a person to learn their way around the comic con. The bulk of the floor will be filled with booths peopled with comic book store owners and other vendors where fans can buy rare comics, graphic novels, manga, trading cards, and other things nerdy-chic.On the acting side, Deadpool actress Brianna Hildebrand, Babylon 5 star Mira Furlan, Star Trek: The Next Generation star Le Var Burton, and Pokemon voice actress Veronica Taylor will be in attendance for autograph signings and photo ops.Several cosplay guests for the three day convention include Ani-Mia, Eric "The Smoke" Moran", Kati Coe, and The Rebel Legion.However, a comic book convention (comic con) has a lot more variety than one may expect.Each day offer different events and panels and here are some highlights for each day.

A full list of Wizard World Portland Comic Con programming is below; further details on each at guests, times and rooms subject to change): Friday, January 24 – pm Stan Lee Meet And Greet – Paid Event (C126) – pm Haymakers And Hellhounds – The Thought Process Behind The Generalist (C120) – pm Fan Film Creation Presented By Reckless Geeks – pm Space Ghost Productions Portfolio Review (C126) – pm Wizard World Film Festival (B110) – pm Spotlight On Kurt Busiek (C120) – pm Video Games And Out Future: We’re All Gamers (B119) – pm Costumes Playing = Cosplay! (C120) – pm Love In The Air @ Portland Comic ConSpeed Dating Style (C126) – pm WWE® Superstar CM Punk® (B119) – pm Chasing Ghosts With Aaron Goodwin (C120) pm – ?

On Saturday, some panels to check out for include a Deadpool Q&A panel with Brianna Hildebrand, a Power Rangers Q&A session with a plethora of your favorite stars from the hit franchise, and a discussion on cosplay photography.

Sunday will include panels such as a Dragon Ball Z discussion with voice actors Mike Mc Farland and Sean Schemmel and a Q&A session with the stars of Babylon 5.

For those planning to make the trip next time to the Expo Center in Oaks, PA (“Upper Providence” on GPS), here’s a sample of what to expect.

There are dozens of vendors and artists, including some big names like the legendary Neal Adams, offering a variety of merchandise and chatting with fans.