Pbs newshour podcast not updating desktopdating net invitation

14 Dec

Or depending on my mood I can catch up on interesting facts from programs like freak economics.

It is just a wealth of entertainment when you just want to listen and let someone else do the talking.

Also: City officials grapple with what to do about Confederate monuments, Steve Bannon speaks out, what online shopping means for the millions of workers, what’s behind maternal mortality rates in the U.

S., Calvin Trillin’s take on writing ...…Wednesday on the News Hour, President Trump ends two business councils following Charlottesville backlash from a slew of executives.

Sometimes the day's episode is not posted until the following day. I am so happy when it is posted a few hours after the episode is aired.

Very disappointed in the reliability of the podcast posting.

Entire communities across India, Bangladesh and Nepal are devastated, with many cut o Watch Video | Listen to the Audio JUDY WOODRUFF: United States history is dominating the headlines by being at the heart of a debate that has compelled many to take to the streets.

I often try to listen to this podcast on my way home from work at 8 pm.

Some nights the day's episode is posted by that time.

Select the specific PBS News Hour updates, in-depth reports, interviews and analysis that match your interests. Relative to almost every other podcast I listen to, I usually have to turn this one up much louder than others just to hear it above ambient noise at home or on my commute.

(Updated daily)© Copyright © News Hour Productions LLC. I can't think of another podcast for which that's a consistent issue.