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01 Feb

The gay ‘dating app’ Surge takes this a step further and even lets their paid users view all other user's nude private pics. This seems to have almost become a norm is the gay culture and though BRO is not being heteronormative in its approach it’s distinctly different; not just using ‘sex to sell’.

Though this is good in theory many have challenged Kutler’s perception of BRO. The emergence of the ‘brojob’: straight white men having gay sex with other straight men, and the subsequent challenge to sexual labels this creates reducing them to matters of self-identification rooted in nothing physical.

The non-attraction is mutual, and as we sit in the bar making polite conversation, we both know that there is nothing so lonely as a date with someone you do not fancy.

I start drinking Jack Daniels and coke (a bad sign – this is what I drink when I am bored), until finally I decide to put us both out of our misery and head home.

If someone sees one person in a Team Sky jersey riding along they’ll likely think you’re some kind of amateur, but if there’s two or three of you then they’re more likely to think you’re actually a pro.

Even better is if your colleague who rides the same bike as you that you always out-sprint to the office is wearing the same kit as you.

A feminist parody of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” – a song that has been accused of blurring the lines between consensual sex and rape – was briefly removed from You Tube yesterday, leaving its creators mystified.“Defined Lines”, created by a bunch of University of Auckland law students, features three fully dressed women responding to the attentions of scantily clad men as they sing about sexism.

The video, which has been watched more than 450,000 times since it was posted three days ago, was removed from You Tube yesterday having been flagged by users as containing “inappropriate content”, but has now been restored.

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Lyrics from "Defined Lines" include “What you see on TV, doesn't speak equality, it's straight up misogyny" and the video shows men in their underwear with dog leashes around their necks being squirted with cream and having dollar bills stuffed into their pants.

Imagine that you had a huge crush on a boy when you were sixteen. You go home and find out that your father sent you the card because he felt sorry for you and knew that it would be the only card you would get. Alice Arnold Single, aged 17 and at an all-girls school, there can be little worse than spending the run-up to Valentine’s Day selling red roses to other people. My terribly enterprising Young Enterprise group had dreamt up the idea of selling single red roses that girls could have delivered to their beau at the local boys school.

Imagine that on Valentine’s Day you got a card, a completely blank card just signed with a kiss. Cue a frantic evening prior to V-Day at my friend’s house, swaddling roses in cellophane and nestling girls’ lovestruck little messages inside the wrapping.

Like the Law Revue video it was later restored but has been flagged as “inappropriate”.

Thicke has come into serious criticism from rape lobby groups over the lyrical content on “Blurred Lines” as well as for the video which shows Thicke and co-collaborators Pharrell Williams and T. (fully clothed) being attended by near-naked women (there are two versions, one topless – another with models in nude colour underwear).