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14 May

She's gorgeous, successful and has an adorable daughter—but when it comes to her dating life, Padma Lakshmi says that's a low priority."I date a lot less as a single mom—I'll tell you that!His brother, Michael Dell, is the founder of a little company known as Dell Computers.

I was brought to believe that the female form is a beautiful thing.

Adam Dell Adam, 46, is an Austin-based venture capitalist who works for Austin Ventures.

The Texas-native attended Tulane University and later the University of Texas School of Law before starting his professional career.

Previously, he not only invested in companies like Open Table, Buzzsaw, Ingenio, and Hotjobs, but before moving into the venture capitalist space he worked as a corporate attorney, putting that law degree to good work.

However he's not the only Dell who has made a name for himself.