Old school mtv dating show online dating dumped

28 Feb

It was such a fun trip down memory lane, we decided to share some of our favorites with you.‘Remote Control’ was like ‘Jeopardy’ for the younger MTV demo.The girls on this show are absolutely ferocious, in bboth how they dress and their attitudes, bringing even more drama to the show that was already there.Not to mention Bret Michaels, the one they are fighting for, is just an all around great guy.

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After choosing a category, two or three choices were listed (for example, a category on hair might be divided into blonde, brunette, and redhead), and the Picker was asked to eliminate one of the choices.Cute, funny, kind, rich, I don't think there is a single positive thing this guy isn't!Each game began with one main contestant, the "Picker", being escorted onto the set blindfolded in front of the 50 potential dates in the "Dating Pool" while the announcer described him/her.Now that looking back on the late 90's and early 2000's invokes nostalgia, the programming that helped define it seems almost quaint, but trust that it's anything but.The cancelled classics are just as outrageous as they were when they first aired with the added filter of dated fashion, slang, and style reminding us what it was like to grow up in one of the strangest time periods.