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03 Oct

I’ve written a lot about the basics you need when it comes to meeting women – so now the time has come to start putting it all together. Before we even get started, let’s get a functional definition of creepy behavior – at least as it applies to dating scenarios.

Creepy behavior means acting in such a way that it causes a woman’s Spidey-sense to start tingling – that is to say, acting or behaving in a manner that makes someone fundamentally uncomfortable or feel threatened.

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what a teen relationship is.

Teens often use unique language to define their own relationships, using terms like talking, hanging out, hooking up or friends with benefits.

Getting back together with someone after being cheated on is a very tough position.

Many people will scoff at couples counselling, but then again they might never have needed professional help to save their relationship before.

Relationship violence can start early in a young person’s life.

Intimate partner violence affects teenagers and young adults (ages 16-24) more than any other age group.

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In the end, she came to you and confessed her one night stand because she felt you had the right to know and she felt super guilty.

When we get so worked up over all of the potential mistakes we could make, each one deadlier than the one before it, we end up building up a fantasy world in our heads that bears almost no resemblance to the world we actually live in.

In reality: avoiding being creepy isn’t nearly as difficult as it may seem.

We wanted to shed a light on dating abuse as February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month.

There are a lot of similarities between teen dating abuse and domestic violence, but there are also quite a few differences.