Math speed dating

11 Sep

My physical science students are currently working on determining the correct number of significant figures to use in different situations.The first step is for them to be able to recognize how many significant figures there are in a number.Once all of the students arrive I present Flipchart Rational Equations Day 2 (p.1-2) and explain the plan for class.Them, students have 10 minutes to solve their problem and become an expert on how to explain the solution process to someone else. After ten minutes they will need to be the expert on the problem.

) to reference, but I also wanted to create an activity to get them up and moving about.When students arrived in my class this morning, the desks were arranged in pairs so that the desks were facing each other.I had 6 pairs in each row for a total of 15 stations.The answers are copied on the back of the card so that students can check themselves.Once students are experts they will take a seat at a desk and will exchange problems with the person in front of them.