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On August 1, 1902, Bright was promoted to lieutenant. Before the commission would certify his promotion, Bright, as the first African-American to apply for such advancement, was required to go to the Second Baptist Church and obtain an endorsement from his minister and congregation.LAFD FF Recruitment Section offers a variety of preparatory programs for FF Candidates. The Department does not charge for any of our recruitment and mentoring services, nor do we accept gifts or special favors for our services.You may participate in DROP up to a maximum of 60 months (5 years). Once you are enrolled in DROP, you are considered "retired" for purposes of pension calculations only: no further service credit is earned.Your service accrual and all of your eligibility conditions are frozen on the date you enter DROP.Before the interview, the Personnel Department Examination Analyst will train the raters.That person will describe the guidelines used in interviewing and evaluating candidates' qualifications. On January 31, 1900, Bright was promoted to Driver Third Class and assigned to Chemical Engine Co.

LAFD Recruitment Section can be reached at (213) 893-9899 There are three aspects to every job interview. THE JOB is the duties and responsibilities that are to be performed.

On this date in 1897, the first African American firefighter of the Los Angeles Fire Department was hired. On November 1st of that same year, he was promoted to a full-time hose man and assigned to Engine Co.

George Washington Bright was appointed by the Fire Commission as a call man and assigned to Engine Co.

However, his unique skills, background and education ended up helping him become a great firefighter...

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