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19 Jun

Scarlet Alliance state co-ordinator Jade Barker said the Tasmanian sex industry had been steady for some time.

She said the sex workers had been progressive in utilising the benefits of online communication for both marketing purposes and for sharing information within the sex work community.

Persistent Playa"I was waitressing at a bar in Santa Monica, and one night, this gorgeous actor came in with his buddies. He's hot, so it was hard to resist, but I knew he was married!HOOK-UP apps like Tinder and Grindr that provide easy access to free casual sex aren't affecting Tasmanian sex workers, the industry says.A report in The Age last week revealed some Victorian brothels had experienced a 30-40 per cent dip in profits over the past year, with some introducing private escort services to help build revenue.Brothels are illegal in Tasmania as is street work, however, private sex work is allowed as long as no more than two women work out of the same building.It also seems that the state's commercial sex industry has not been hit as hard as on the mainland.