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No, if you’re familiar with his stand-up, VH1 appearances — or most likely, his role as sketch comedy writer Frank Rossitano on NBC’s “30 Rock”– you’ve seen his endless array of trucker hats […] What can be said, post-Oscar-fuggup, about this sick-hearted anti-American Dream that hasn’t already been said, and kudoed: Darren Aronofsky’s channeling of the Dardennes’ immediacy, Mickey Rourke’s Herculean self-deprecation, both of which currents combining to prove the script’s essential conventionality to be irrelevant, just at a moment in American film in which we had all good […] “The Wrestler” took Best Feature at the 2009 Spirit Awards, which unfolded in typically rowdy fashion on a tent near the beach in Santa Monica.Taking place over the course of four years (on four consecutive Valentine’s Days) this achingly romantic indie from Filipino auteur Adolfo Alix Jr.Either through the clichés of musicals or Will & Grace, the performance of being queer is not as much of a de facto narrative to be learned as the straight one. Many a queer film covers the Coming Out narrative primarily through tropes, in continually less interesting ways, but few blend it in seamlessly and make it feel “natural” to the film, something that any queer person seeks in their life: to be seen as natural and human as anyone else.

We had a great time from food trucks (I'm looking at you Chi'lantro) to pedicabs to great films and great company to Allen's boots and tacos, tacos, tacos.

Like SXSW and so many aspects of Austin, Spiro's and Miller's homes both demonstrated a creative convergence of art, comfort, and forward-thinking.

Laurence Miller has converted his home into an exhibition space for artists to explore the domestic through their practice - it's called testsite.

As of now, he is focused on his career and show and is not thinking about relationships.

Graham was in a relationship with the music marketing consultant, Andrew Smith.