Is daniel bryan dating brie bella in real life

28 Jun

In more recent years, WWE has been moved to address the dangers of its sport—the concussions, the seizures, the spasms.But sooner or later, every wrestler gets hurt, and it's not part of the act.Cena and Bella have lately been feuding with The Miz and Maryse, another real-life couple, and it is rumored that this is leading to a tag team match at Wrestle Mania.

Well, that would be Jerry Lawler's heart attack, which happened live on RAW in September of 2012.“I mean, my man has the most beautiful body in the world, but now everyone’s seen it … I was in a business meeting and someone said, ‘Yeah, you’re lucky.I saw how big his butt was.’ And I was like, ‘…What? I’m stubborn as fuck and extremely selfish as well. That’s me just saying, ‘Hey, this is my life and this is how I’m going to live.'” And why should he not?John Cena was profiled by Erik Hedegaard in Rolling Stone this week, and there is a lot of interesting stuff in it.For example, Cena is learning Mandarin, the latest sign, after Shane Mc Mahon’s on-screen reemergence, that WWE is bolstering up for a push into China.