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13 May

in the preprocessor definitions of your project or you get a syntax error telling you that Co Create Instance Ex() is not defined.

You also need to make sure that Ole Init() has been called prior to using the Create Instance Ex() macro.

And there is no equivalent member function to Create Instance Ex().

After a bit of digging around I ended up writing this (partially tested) macro that I believe allows remote or local instantiation of Microsoft's smart COM pointers.

They are a collection of predefined Game Objects & Components that are re-usable throughout your game.

It is only available in the commercial version of Py Qt for Windows.

To import the module use, for example, the following statement: The QAx Container module provides a QWidget subclass, QAx Widget, that acts as a container for Active X controls, and a QObject subclass, QAx Object, that can be used to easily access non-visual COM objects.

The module consists of three classes To instantiate a COM object use the QAx Control() API, or pass the name of the object directly into the constructor of the QAx Base subclass you are using.

Every additional action to want to perform on the brick, like changing the texture, the friction, or the Rigidbody mass, is an extra line.

If you create a Prefab and perform all your setup before-hand, you use one line of code to perform the creation and setup of each brick.