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07 Oct

On August 7, a Lunar Eclipse will fall in your earned income sector, bringing your emotional focus to material security.

On Wednesday I joined Operation Venice in the Metropolitan Police - the unit aimed at cracking down on this type of crime.Some would say the concept of the brand alone was offensive: a braid booth in Selfridges offering the kind of hairstyles typically associated with black culture, priced very competitively and aimed at the spawns of the wealthy and famous. It is a grave crime based on exploitation and is often masterminded by criminal gangs.It is progress that we are now aware that human trafficking is not just something that happens to people born into poverty or war, but could happen to anyone.There will be plenty of time later on to sink into the intensity of the shadow work yet to be done.Albert Schweitzer wrote, “Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it.” The most gratifying romantic potential for you these days is in your social life.