German russisan dating

07 Oct

Hans-Georg Maassen, head of the Bf V agency, said spies are keeping a “very close watch” on threats as the country gears up for September’s vote.

“We expect further attacks, and we are keeping a very close watch on the threats,” Mr Maassen told a cyber security conference in Potsdam.

Russia celebrates its victory over Nazi Germany on May 9. Then consider the death toll: 27 million Soviet citizens dead, according to one estimate.

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Despite desperate Soviet use of an “ice and water road” across Lake Ladoga to resupply its three million encircled soldiers and civilians and to evacuate one million civilians, over one million civilians perished during the ensuing siege.German and Finnish forces besieged Lenin’s namesake city after their spectacular initial advance during Operation Barbarossa.After a precipitous advance during summer 1941, forces of German Army Group North struggled against stubborn Soviet resistance to isolate and seize the city before the onset of winter.Ukrainian nationalists fought against the Soviet army at some points during World War II — some, such as nationalist idol Stepan Bandera, sided with Nazi Germany for part of it.Even before the Euromaidan protests spun Ukraine into crisis, there was contention over the history: In 2011, Yanukovych revoked a "Hero of Ukraine" award that had been given to Bandera by his predecessor and criticized the Western city of Lviv for failing to celebrate Victory Day appropriately.