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18 Mar

There are a few apps out there that do the same job for less money, but a purpose-built camera will offer better reliability and generally a better picture quality than those apps.They can also be left in situ and hardwired into the car so there's no chance of forgetting to switch them on.Dashcams are one of the hottest pieces of car tech around at the moment - and one of the most useful.You've no doubt seen dash cam videos on You Tube, but even if you're not interested in publicising your own driving footage, they can still be a great purchase - especially for high-mileage business drivers or lorry drivers who spend hours at a time behind the wheel.Dashcams give drivers peace of mind in the event of a collision, providing no-quibble footage of an accident and easily proving what actually happened.This is especially handy for some cases without witnesses, where a judge would often rule in favour of a no-fault, tit-for-tat outcome.

The Paradiso in Amsterdam will be packed for any event like London Calling, where young, hyped and often undercooked UK bands are paraded in front of a trend-seeking crowd, like a prize bull calf being judged at a livestock fair.The same in-house design facilities and CNC machines are used to produce our huge range of performance road cams to the same exacting standards and with the same amount of success.This means the superior quality of our cams will be available to everybody whether you drive a NASCAR or a Nova!If you like this please Tweet it, Facebook it or leave a comment For too long Holland has looked at the UK for its bands when right under its nose there is a vibrant scene of great bands of its own argues “The boy looked at Johan” – A “Dutchrocksampler” for the uninitiated…It all started back in July 2006 on a burning hot day at Rotterdam’s Metropolis festival.