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25 Oct

Actually, it needed to be more than a redesign–it had to be an entirely new product.“You couldn’t just put a new coat of paint on this thing,” Tim Vanderhook, the CEO, told me.Professional dancers make mock love to assorted poles and railings.There is enough silicone bobbing around to improve the Statue of Liberty's self-image.

Tanned, toned girls in denim skirts no wider than cummerbunds rub up against surfers and real-estate pashas as actress-waitresses pass by carrying trays loaded down with bottles of Grey Goose vodka.Even in this place, though, Jeremy Jackson stands out.A child actor turned club promoter, Jackson is one of the most shameless voluptuaries on My Space, the social-networking Web site that, according to Com Score Media Metrix, had more page views in November than Google or e Bay.The day after the issue was published, Iowa Senator Charles Grassey directly referred to the Rimm study on the floor of the U. Grassley had read the Eighty–three point five percent of all computerized photographs available on the Internet are pornographic. President, I want to repeat that: 83.5 percent of the 900,000 images reviewed — these are all on the Internet — are pornographic, according to the Carnegie Mellon study.Now, of course, that does not mean that all of these images are illegal under the Constitution.