Free adult chatbot

07 Oct

Annalee Newitz, a reporter who helped expose the site’s use of bots, also uncovered internal documents showing that 80% of initial purchases on Ashley Madison were by a male user trying to communicate with a bot.Meanwhile, CNN Money reports that customers who disputed charges from the site were told that records of their activity would be mailed to their home, essentially a threat to expose them to spouses and families.“We did a lot of research speaking to people of all age brackets,’’ said Haje Jan Kamps, co-founder with Colin Liotta of the Oakland-based startup that just launched a public beta test of Emily to consumers.Not surprisingly, they learned that most people older than 45 tend not to use chatbots in general, while younger folks, Kamps said, “have conversations about everything over texts.’’ Life Folder is counting on this demographic’s tech-savvy nature, as well as their lifetime benchmarks, to help grow its business.

Those revelations, of course, come after a massive hack that exposed the personal information of 32 million users.But two Bay Area entrepreneurs are betting that one of the most important discussions 25- to 45-year-olds should be having will be a lot easier via a friendly computer program designed to simulate that conversation online.Meet Emily, the free messenger chatbot from Life Folder.Life Folder excutives Haje Jan Kamps, left, and Colin Liotta, right, have launched a beta-test of a free messenger bot named Emily that helps 25-to-45 year-olds think about preparing important documents related to end of life.As product launches go, a technology meant to improve the way people think and talk about death may not be the most uplifting, especially when it’s aimed at young and middle-aged adults.