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27 Aug

Clarke allegedly received the unwanted gift of a brick through a window at her residence.

It was festively wrapped with a note reading, "Fuck the Mayweathers." One of her friends told the Star that experience "was horrific" and Clarke was "understandably shaken by what happened."“When neighbors went round to offer support," the friend reportedly said, Clarke "was having a panic attack...

Abi Clarke, 25, has suffered vile abuse in the street and had a brick hurled through a window at her home.

Her tormentors are fans of Conor Mc Gregor, below, who faces Mayweather in a £500million Las Vegas showdown next month.

It had a note attached that read: “F*** The Mayweathers”, a phrase often chanted by Mc Gregor fans.

A source close to the babe said: “It has been a real-life nightmare for Abi.

The blonde beauty posted a video of her man stepping out to cheers, as she stands ringside to shout her support for her man.The stuff she has had to deal with has been tough to take.“She is genuinely worried about her safety.There are concerns that the worst could happen if things get out of control.”Neighbours feared Abi had been hurt in the attack and rushed to help her.Three thugs confronted her in the street and subjected her to a shocking torrent of abuse, ranting: “You plastic slag… Mayweather’s gonna die.”Things got even worse in the early hours of Thursday when her Essex home was targeted.A group of yobs threw a brick through a window of the property at around 3am.