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31 Mar

If romance is just the tip of iceberg, what follows is a deluge of icebergs as love is one of those overwhelming feelings that drive human existence and reproduction.Sincerely, Suzanne Mac Nevin British-Canadian Feminist Writer About Kissing Kissing is an art form and it may takes years of practice to master it.And to make matters even worse, the traffic figures for Ezine Articles are truly appalling now after algorithm updates by Google such as Panda and Penguin.Below you will discover why this is completely wrong, misguided and harmful to your efforts to make money online The ludicrous strategy of submitting articles to Ezine espoused by Alexa Smith involves submitting articles to Ezine Articles and hoping that other webmasters will pick up your content and publish it on their sites.Don't expect to start kissing like Don Juan without investing in hours of lipsmacking (which makes sense why teenagers practice it so much).

Opponents of this strategy, who actually understand and read Google's guidelines about search engine optimization, have known for a long time that it was an ineffective waste of time.This theory, without a shred of evidence or proof of success, is trumpeted as "article syndication".There has been considerable debate in internet marketing circles as to the value of this strategy with chancers like Smith, Pot, Uhl, and others claiming astounding levels of success.Yes, even Ex-cons have got back together with girlfriends and wives after being away for years! Now I can almost see you shaking your head in disbelief… Don't you know couples that have gotten back together? Now, that is some really dark stuff and I am not recommending to anyone to take someone back if the relationship was abusive…I am using it as a point that almost NO SITUATION is unsalvageable… What they said..what they did...could be "bottled" so to speak? P-A-N-I-C...defensiveness...arguments..then it gets really nasty. This is …See, it is my opinion that there are really no impossible situations. Now, I also figured that instead of giving you some useless sample...? And once you know and UNDERSTAND and are given just a little guidance on what to do and when to do it…it is like being handed "the recipe" for love if you will… Discover the TELL TALE clues your ex leaves that says you still have a special place in their heart…and I don't care what they say... (Page 5) Do you know the core reason why men leave women? I am SHOCKED most women can't answer this question.recipe, or secret even, to reigniting passion and recapturing lost love? And then you could "unbottle" it and put it to use? You see there IS a "recipe for love" as well as a recipe for winning back and keeping some ones interest, desire, passion, heart and love… I would be somewhat skeptical right now...that's totally fine! I have seen women not only wait on a man for months, but take back men that have spent years in prison…and... Because not only will you be able to get your ex back, you also will be much better equipped to KEEP THEM long, long into the future… Let's talk about what's inside and how it is going to help you: When You Download You'll Receive These Virtually Immediate Benefits... Use my Fast Forward Technique and get instant relief from emotional break-up pain and depression... Men desire this ONE thing more than any other…give it to them and they will be yours FOREVER. and if she doesn't the #1 technique used by unscrupulous Don Juan's use to steal married women.) (Page 6) Are they with someone else now?