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12 Nov

But, as lovely as home is, says Wasson, "My inspiration comes from everywhere.

Even if you didn’t go the whole hog and hit the mean streets of Beckenham with your new decks (yep, we Googled that), you’ll certainly have spent six months clad in skater jeans in a fairly transparent attempt to snare one of the FIT skater boys who hung out in the park (because skater boys are always fit). No the other Westminster - in California Significant Other: Not as far as we know - although rumour has it Rieder used to go out with Erin Wasson - proving that he has excellent taste in women…

Although the first offering has already landed online, new drops will arrive in September and November.

Wasson loves cowboy boots (in fact, she collects them), so there's definitely a Wild West influence in the collection - just with a badass edge.

When I was finally old enough to go my own way, the trend was already picking up speed.

From Amal and George to Beyonce and Jay Z, it seems like power couples always have our attention these days.

The model, who has worked for Celine, Balenciaga, Gucci and Chanel - has teamed up Attribute - a newly-launched design collective based in London that works with different high-profile creative collaborators every year.

First up is Wasson, who has designed a range of shoes and boots that you'll want in your wardrobe this autumn.

We asked two women, Sarah Nicole Prickett and Chioma Nnadi, to share their highly personal takes on the subject.

As far as fashion rules go, I’ve never been one to tread lightly.