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08 Jun

From your description of your mother’s behavior, they need love and attention from an adult they are not receiving from her. Before I started dating again, I got a hairpiece and have worn one ever since. I’d like to stop wearing the hairpiece and shave my head instead because I have only a fringe of my own hair left. Afterward, do not be surprised if you receive compliments about your new look. How in the world do we celebrate her 50th birthday when we will be thinking about the 1-year anniversary of her brother’s death?Some people are aware that I wear a hairpiece, including my current wife of 20 years. How should I go about it without getting 50,000 questions from friends and family, and what would be a good answer when I’m asked? Should anyone ask why you decided to do it, tell the truth. Some friends suggested we have her birthday celebration a few days early, which I feel is not right. – Carole in Arizona Dear Carole, I’m sorry for the loss of your son.We don't live together, and she often tells me to find a younger woman. When I told her I've loved her since middle school, she laughed.I have tried to gift her a car, jewelry, etc., but she has refused them all. My parents say I am insane, though they love her dearly. Help, please.-- In Love In California Dear In Love: Insane? When people are in love, they sometimes think emotionally rather than rationally.Many of us are past our warranty and won’t be available to answer questions much longer. Readers, our senior citizens have much wisdom to offer. Because isolation isn’t healthy for anyone, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Since you have made clear to your husband that what he’s doing bothers you, perhaps it’s time to accept that you married a disrespectful, classless boor.Dear Abby: How can I get my husband to stop checking out other women in front of me? If I can refrain from looking at other men while I’m in his company, why can’t he do the same for me? While many men look at women other than their wives, most of them do it discreetly to avoid hurt feelings.Soon after, on July 2, 1938, the twins had a double wedding: Van Buren married a businessman named Morton Phillips, and her sister wed Jules Lederer, who would later found Budget Rent-a-Car.—authoring responses to readers for the successful "Ask Ann Landers"—and not long after, Van Buren followed suit.In her late 30s, Van Buren was offered a writing contract with the Mc Naught Syndicate.

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My parents moved to Florida when I turned 27, and I bought their home just so I could be near her. We had dinner and too much wine and ended up in bed.I experienced the Depression, a variety of wars and many new inventions. They won’t be around forever, so engage with them while you can.Abby, please remind your readers how much we appreciate those who engage us socially in some way. For that matter, neither will some of you when you’re their age.Nicknamed "Popo" at an early age, Van Buren grew up with identical twin sister Eppie Lederer, who would also go on to become a popular advice columnist, under the pseudonym "Ann Landers." The sisters were raised by Russian-Jewish immigrants: a father who made a good living as a successful movie theater proprieter and a homemaking mother. They all came with nothing," Van Buren later told .She went on to credit her parents with the social skills integral to her later writing career.