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06 Oct

(Note: While paling in comparison to her paralyzing fear of anything dental related, acquiring froglike qualities from hanging around losers--still not good.)And she's only just begun!About book: During the hottest spell ever in Melbourne, I would try to do anything in my powers during the day to stay in A/C.

Mainstream fiction has mated, sometimes successfully, sometimes not-so-successfully, with the romance genre.When not writing or traveling, Lisa Cach goes for long walks with her nephews, dates men she hopes her nephews will grow up to be nothing like, and hangs out with friends, both single and married.She lives in Oregon, and this is her first contemporary novel.Her name is Saphhira Blackthorn, and she is the queen of Athenos, a country that lies in all her sovereign glory, free from the antics of the rulers on the Iron Throne, in between the North and Bravos on the Narrow Sea.And she has chosen to marry the Old Lion himself, because she lusts for her revenge and to play the Game of Thrones. Jon finds strength in submission, and he'll need all the strength he can muster.