Dating with hpv genital warts

25 Nov

I was devastated at the thought I had given it to him, and he was sneaky enough to let me think that I had.

He admitted later he was too ashamed to tell me at first and was afraid after I got diagnosed that I would blame him. After what happened to me, not only contracting it, but having a partner lie and let me think I had given it to them, I’ve sworn I’ll never lie to a partner about it.

It has a particular affinity for cells on the skin and in mucous membranes where they affect the cell's genetic instructions and can make them behave badly.I don’t want to rob my partners of having the right to make the choice I was never given.There’s so much stigma surrounding this that I want to share my story so others know they aren’t alone. I had never been diagnosed with HPV, and I had tried to make myself one less, one less by getting the Gardisil shot a few years prior. I wish, for the cliché’s sake, that I could say I was not laughing a week later when the nurse called and asked me to come in for a colposcopy.I drummed my fingers on my face, probably clogging my pores.