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29 May

So I asked my class of 12-year-olds: What should I talk about?Here’s how the conversation went: Then they sort of yelled indiscriminately for a while, which I suppose was my own fault for riling them up.Surrey PCC David Munro tells us the findings worrying: "I'm disturbed that this a gateway to some very dangerous practices, and I believe parents, guardians and teachers also ought to be worried."They're a great liberator, smart phones, they're a really good thing if used appropriately.A few weeks ago, my school asked me to give a 10-minute speech to our 400 youngest students, a sort of farewell address before I return to my American homeland.Ten minutes isn’t very long, but it is roughly 297 times their average attention span, and I didn’t want to bore them.Some more of the findings include: Mr Munro said many in this age group are ignorant of the laws and ethics around social media use: "No child is inherently racist - and yet racist tweets are sent, and that's a crime - and people don't realise it.

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That is one of the outcomes of a newly-released report by Eagle Radio and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.Our mobile app has all the features of our site and even more. Where ever you are on mylol you can always access your conversations directly. Create yourself a profile today and start meeting new people! You can message, vote, search, upload photos and creat yourself a unique profile. More than 7,000 children received social media legal training in the first half of the school year - from September 2016 to March 2017.The data was gathered during 81 sessions at 26 secondary schools, including state, independent and special schools.