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09 Jan

Giro d' Italia, Italy's big bike race similar to the Tour d' France, starts in early May and lasts most of the month.

The race takes in scenic countryside and it's fun to watch a leg or two.

Right at the heart of the program is credit worth up to 50,000 Euro to use on Aruba's Cloud platform.

Naples, 5th April 2017 The Grimaldi Group was named a Supplier of the Year by General Motors during its 25th annual Supplier of the Year awards ceremony held Friday, March 31st in Orlando, Florida.

GM recognized 118 of its best(...) The Grimaldi News is the quarterly newsletter published in English and with a circulation of 38,000 copies, dedicated to maritime freight links offered by the Grimaldi Group. It is available on board all of the company's vessels and in the (...)The Finnlines news is the newsletter of the Finnish company Finnlines.

Many services will be closed but you may find interesting parades and festivals to celebrate the day.

Expect big crowds in popular Italian tourist destinations.